Cleaning the toilet

Cleaning the toilet is one of the most uninteresting but unavoidable household chores. Keeping your toilet always clean should be a job to be done at least twice a week because this won’t only keep you and your family healthy but also give people good impression about you. Below are some of the suggestions on how to ensure a clean bathroom:
Always flush after use and encourage all users to also do same always.
Never use bleach to clean your toilet especially for homes with children and pets. This remedy is chlorinated, highly acidic and corrosive that has a negative effect on the health of your household and the ending of your toilet.
Never flush solid objects or paper down the toilet as this can lead to blockage along the toilet line.
As a security measure, place a trash can beside your toilet seat to always remind customers that non-toilet friendly materials can be trashed inside.
So as to clean your bathroom, you will be needing the following:

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Toilet cleaner solution
Toilet brush
Bottle of distilled vinegar.

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Pour a bathroom cleaner solution within the bowl of your toilet seat and allow to dissolve for approximately 5 mins. Use a toilet brush to scrub the bowl, the sides and beneath the rim. Scrub very well to ensure you remove all stains and coloration around the bowl, then leave for another 10 mins. As you wait, apply disinfectant beyond this bowl touching all sides and scrub with toilet brush to get a cleaner surface and after which you can flush.
Next is the use of Vinegar; due to its acidic nature it kills not just germs and bacteria but also remove any lime deposits around your bathroom. You may start with the toilet tank if you want to remove all of the deposits that build up from tap water by pouring some quantity of vinegar inside the tank then allow to simmer for a few minutes and flush immediately several times to remove all vinegar remnants in the tank.
Now back to the bowl, pour about 1 cup of vinegar inside the bowl including the top, inside rim and everywhere around the bowl. Let it soak for 30 mins and then scrub or wipe off with paper towel. Pour more quantity of vinegar down the toilet making it fills above the water line to remove hidden bowl ring and calcium build up.
While you wait for the mixture inside the toilet to respond, spray the outside of the toilet with vinegar to kill every bacteria habituating anywhere around the toilet. Allow it to soak for a while and wash everywhere together with your toilet brush both outside and inside the tank and bowl. This procedure should provide your toilet sparkling and the most pleasant look. Do this periodically to maintain the desired look for the toilet.

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